The fourth phase of the transition to enlightenment begins 17th December 2025 and ends 18th February 2028. During this phase several of Earth’s ancient mysteries and signs will be revealed to us.  This phase is divided into four stages that will give credence to the existence of ancient aliens.

Stage One – ‘Ancient Aliens’

In this stage we will learn the identity of the very first humans to set foot on this planet.  This will be an exciting revelation for Humankind because it brings about much needed clarity on the subject of theology.

Stage Two – ‘Sacred Sites’

In this stage we will be given information about many of the most significant ‘sacred sites’ on this planet, how they connect to astronomy and to the people who orchestrated their construction.

Stage Three – ‘Lost Continents’

In this stage we will discover the whereabouts of several continents that were once a part of our planet’s geological structure and their subsequent history.

Stage Four – ‘The Omniverse’

In this stage we will learn about the intricate and infinite infrastructure of our multiverse that extends way beyond the boundaries of our somewhat limited comprehension.

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