Fairies seen by so many have been a source of curiosity for centuries. While many question their existence they are real and are known as Nature’s Angels. They come from an ancient realm beyond our universe that is an enchanting and magical place.

Fairies are humans and are classified as Angels because of the work they do here on Earth.  They are here to protect nature and to create harmony among all living creatures.

These beautiful beings possess magical abilities and are able to create enchanting dreams particularly for children to bring comfort whenever needed.  They are wonderful story tellers hence the myriad of fairy tales we have today.  Fairies are often seen in flower beds, forests, gardens, parks, plants, ponds, trees and wooded areas.  However, you might spot one somewhere in your home.

Fairies are mischievous, playful and love to dance whenever they can.  If you are lucky, you will see them in small groups playing the fiddle or the tambourine.  Their whole reason for being is to bring joy to our planet which makes them the most special of all beings here.

Fairies are very clever and never run out of ways to surprise us!

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