As we settle into our new ‘home’ in the 5th dimension of the Universe there is much to look forward to! To start with there will be many changes on the horizon that will bring about new industries, technology and innovative businesses.

New Earth is one of the most amazing creations ever made.  It is a much larger planet with three dimensions, two planes, a beautiful subterranean realm and two wide energy bands that encircle the planet.

We have a brand new solar system in the 5th dimension with newer versions of all its components. This is very exciting because like Earth, all of the planets are bigger and better.  Our brand new sun is twice the size of the one in the 3rd dimension. In addition all other elements such as star systems will be bigger and brighter.  Many of the surrounding galaxies will appear differently enabling us to see new stars and constellations.

In summary Earth’s new home in the 5th dimension is one of great wonder and curiosity!

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