The definition of an orb is a simple one, it is a sign from Angels, Spirit Guides or the afterlife to let us know they are near.  Orbs are energies that come in multiple colors and sizes that can change shape at any time.  While many discredit them simply because they do not believe in orbs, the vast majority of people find comfort whenever they are shown them.

While most people discover orbs after they have taken a picture with their cameras or mobile phones there are many who can see them with the naked eye so they know exactly where to point their photographic devices.  There are times when mediums are guided by their Angels or Spirit Guides to a particular location in order to capture images that will contain orbs.

People have been confounded by orbs for centuries. This is because of the many forms, shapes, appearance and designs they have, in particular the ones that contain intricate lace like patterns.  What confuses people the most are the orbs that show people or other beings in them.  This is significant because so many are transporting people who come from other planets back home when they leave this life.

It is important to know that you do not have to have mediumship abilities in order to see orbs or any other kind of metaphysical energies.

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