This is a very significant chapter of this website as it addresses one of the lesser known elements of the Spirit Realms of this planet and that is how signs are sent to us by our loved ones after they have left this life.

Apart from the separation anxiety we often feel after someone dies we are left wondering if we will ever hear from them again.  What we do not realize is that they are just as anxious to let us know they are alright as we are.  The question is how are signs sent and how do we identify them?  The answer is very simple if we know what to look for.

The most common signs sent to us are as follows:

1.  Coins that are found unexpectedly and repeatedly.

2.  Unusual activity of birds (in particular cardinals, hawks, hummingbirds, owls and robins), butterflies, dragonflies or ladybugs (ladybirds).

3.  Number sequences such as 11:11 when seen unexpectedly and repeatedly on the clock.  The number sequence 11:11 is a sign from a loved one or loved ones in spirit who wish to let the person seeing it know that they are watching over them.

4.  Unusual number sequences when seen unexpectedly and repeatedly on the clock.  These numbers are usually dates of significant events such as anniversaries, birthdays (past or present) or weddings for instance.

5.  Scents that are detected without being present such as baking, flowers, tobacco (cigarettes, cigars or pipes), perfume or aftershave for instance.  This signifies the presence of a loved one or loved ones.

These signs were created by Angels to give us a validation of an afterlife that many fear does not exist.

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