When life ends the soul leaves the body and is taken by Angels to the second dimension. There are times when a soul not wanting to leave this life inadvertently replicates the body in energy form.  When this happens the soul becomes trapped between dimensions.  The trapped soul loses all sense of direction and becomes what we call a ‘spirit’.

The reason for writing about this subject is to enlighten those who question it.  Spirits tend to wander into areas they are familiar with so they are able to find comfort there. Most do not remain trapped for very long as Angels go back for them as soon as they are able.  However some spirits refuse to leave because they are fearful of where they will end up no matter how many times they are told they will be safe.

As you can imagine this is very frustrating for all who try to rescue them.  If one of the family members intuitively knows their relative has not crossed over they can ask Angels to remove them.  In cases where spirits are seen or sensed by non-family members they can also ask Angels to remove them.  When none of these scenarios apply and spirits are sensed and/or seen in old buildings or graveyards for example the process is the same.  Simply ask Angels to remove them.

It is important not to participate in séances of any kind, using spirit boards or pendulums to connect with the deceased because it is very easy to attract bad spirits to your home or wherever these practices are being conducted.  If you are having problems with spirits of any kind please contact a reputable medium for assistance.

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