The Principles of Enlightenment set forth by Angels for all people are: Ethical and Moral Codes of Conduct, Equality, Faith, Integrity, Respect, Solidarity, Truth and Values.


This principle is about the underlying ethical and moral issues our planet faces today. This is a huge problem that requires the participation of millions of Light Workers from around the globe who were sent here specifically to champion change for those who suffer at the hands of people who thrive on hurting others. This is a massive undertaking that involves the removal of dictatorships, slavery of any kind and terrorism.


This principle covers the huge divide that exists among the people of this planet. This is largely about multi-cultural differences, the gap between lower, middle and upper social classes and the heinous treatment of the female species by so many. However this will all change during the course of the enlightenment process.


This principle is about a fundamental belief system that has yet to be established on this planet. Sadly religious differences have prevailed here despite the fact that most religions share a common belief and that is the existence of a higher power, a deity considered divine or sacred. To many this higher power is something that is beyond our comprehension. In time we have a better understanding of this subject.


This principle is significant as it addresses the simple concept of honesty and morals and their impact on society today. It is a common cause of disorder within the spectrum of any civilized country. Furthermore, it demoralizes the people who strive to improve their quality of life.


This principle is extremely important as it tackles the fundamental problems facing the people of this planet. This is due to the apparent lack of respect for the feelings, wishes, rights or traditions of others. However this will change significantly during the process of enlightenment.


This principle is crucial to the evolution of Humanity which is one of the main components of the enlightenment process. It is about the bringing together of all people regardless of creed, gender or skin color. It is also about the abolition of political correctness.


This principle connects not just to truth but to the underlying reason for being. Unless we are true to ourselves we can never be true to anyone. Only through enlightenment will the significance of truth be fully understood.


This principle is about the restoration of core values that appear to have vanished without a trace. Life has become all about ‘self’ for a big portion of the population of this planet which is not what humanity is all about. This will be explained in greater detail during the process of enlightenment.

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