The Universe has a number of suns that are not located in sun (solar) systems but in dense areas needing heat and light. There are also many areas in the Universe that have multiple sun systems with over four hundred planets and twenty suns. As incredible as this must seem to us these systems occupy vast areas that take light years to traverse.

A number of these systems in the Universe have unusual features that are unique to them. One of these features is called a sun cluster. These clusters are the end result of multiple cataclysmic weather patterns whereby several suns conjoin. These clusters are very rare and can only be found in remote areas of the Universe that are mostly uninhabited.

Sun systems continue to form to this day and are typically about one hundred times larger than our own and the suns twice the size. This is because of the extraordinary number of inhabitants they contain.

Several suns occupy a part of the Universe known as ‘the paradigm orbit’ so called due to the amount of dense matter that is found within its parameters. These suns have a different composition than all others and are significantly smaller than average. The paradigm orbit is known to all who travel it for its breathtaking scenery and for its size. This amazing place has over two hundred suns and twelve hundred star systems.

A sun system situated in a remote part of the Universe is unusual because of its large number of suns. This system has over twelve hundred suns making it one of the largest in the Universe.  We still have so much to learn about them. The truth is there are so many different types of sun systems in the Universe that it would take several books to write about them all!

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