A divine source is a group of beings who provide essential information about life, afterlife, business, career, finances, life path, family, love, relationships, spiritual awakenings, education, people, places, events, meditation, divine communication, telepathy, Earth, space, space travel, time travel, planets, star systems, solar systems, ancient civilizations, ancient prophets, ancient realms, sacred realms, angels, divine beings, divine animals, metamorphs, creation of life, enlightenment, spiritual evolution, dimensions, planes, inner sanctums, quantum theories, quantum technology, metaphysics, numerology, sacred geometry, sacred symbols, faith, theology, healing modalities, geology, the multiverse, planetary science, space technology, habitat types of the universe, the unknown territories, lost continents, anthropology, astronomy, paranormal phenomena, meteorology, oceanography, observation stations and space stations.

There are divine sources wherever there is life in or beyond the multiverse.

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