The Qárian Angels are the fourth highest ranking angels in the Universe. These angels live on a beautiful planet known as the Sanctuary of Qária however they are not from the Universe originally. Their origins are sacred.

The Sanctuary of Qária is one of the most beautiful planets in the Universe! Qária has a multitude of majestic spired cities, colossal mountain ranges that extend for thousands of miles, pristine beaches, crystalline oceans and exotic flora. Qária is also home to three amazing wildlife sanctuaries that encompass one third of the planet!

The Qárian Angels live a peaceful life and spend a great deal of their time in time chambers where they are able to transcend time through telepathic teleportation to experience first-hand what it is like to live on other planets across the Universe, not only that but they have the option to spend up to three months doing so! This is actually a form of transcendental meditation that can only be done under the strictest supervision to prevent people from going into an altered state whereby they leave their body as energy and travel as such which is not permitted under any circumstances because it can lead to mental distress or even amnesia. The Qárian Angels are masters of transcendental meditation and often travel the Universe giving instruction on how to safely enter a meditative state.

The Qárian Angels have a massive role in this planet’s enlightenment process and will be acknowledged for their leadership in a peace process that has taken centuries to accomplish. There are some Angels who have worked tirelessly to maintain the peace process and they are Qárian Angels Kalim, Gilbert, Franciscus, Darius, Melanh and Sàphyre who will be recognized for their specific roles in the process.

The Qárian Angels are a much loved group whose main objective in life is to bring peace and joy to all who need it. I will be writing in greater detail about the these Angels and their many contributions to Humankind on a future website.

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