The subject of Angels is much talked about but very little is known about them. They are believed by many to be ‘ethereal beings’ however this could not be further from the truth as all Angels are human. So how do we recognize them? Most of them appear shrouded in energy so as not to frighten the people they visit. They frequently enter our dreams to give us messages, but because of our beliefs about how they should look we do not always recognize them. It is important to understand that Angels are regular people who look just like we do and who have similar lives to ours but in another dimension in time.

Angels communicate with all of us at some time or another and are very creative with their methods! Communication can come in the form of a thought, a song, a dream or through visual signs such as numbers, flickering lights, objects being moved in our homes or cell phones being switched off while we are driving for instance. They enter people’s lives in the physical sense more often than we realize and not only during times of crisis. There are so many stories of people who have been visited by an angel and whose lives have changed dramatically because of it. One thing is certain an angel encounter once experienced is never forgotten!

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