The process of dying (prelude to death) for most people is the hardest part of leaving this life as it typically involves an illness of some sort that is usually accompanied by fear of the unknown. The unknown factor being what happens to us after we leave this life and if there is life beyond it.

When we are terminally ill angels begin entering our subconscious mind to prepare us for our safe passage to the second dimension of this planet.  At time of death we are transported in energy form to another dimension of this planet.  This process is  known as crossing over which is discussed in a separate chapter of this website.

What we fear the most is death itself when in actuality the process of dying is the hardest part for most to endure.  This is because the moment after we take our last breath is when life begins again only in another dimension on this very planet.  When that happens we feel peaceful and free of pain or anxiety.

In summary death itself is not to be feared.  I will be writing more about this process in a future chapter of this website.

Reference:  Crossing Over

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