The Byzèntian Angels are healers of the highest order and are known for their powerful healing methods, most of which are conducted using their own healing source of energy.

The Byzèntian Angels live on a beautiful planet located in the outer regions of the Universe called the Sanctuary of Byzèntia. The planet is encircled by twelve bodies of light called luminants and is divided into four realms each with its own group of Angels.

The Byzèntians are architects of a very complex multi-faceted habitat that can best be described as a labyrinth because of its myriad of tunnels. Like ours their planet is spherical however the surface is completely different because of its unusual composition and configuration. Byzèntia can be seen from space due to the amazing shards of light that deflect from the luminants that encircle it.

The Byzèntian Angels are a significant part of our planet’s ‘Transition to Enlightenment’ currently in progress and are currently working with the Árian Angels, Emerald Angels and the Xètán Angels.

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