The Phylèstiens are a noble people with a magnificent history and are probably one of the most interesting of all the founders of our ancient civilizations. They  live on a beautiful planet called Phylèstia situated in the outer regions of the Universe that has  crystal clear oceans, pristine white beaches, ultra modern cities, elaborate transit systems, nature reserves and the most amazing bird sanctuaries.  Phylèstia is one of many kingdoms situated in the outer regions of the Universe. The kingdom has a large royal family and many resplendent palaces.

Phylèstiens have medium complexions, dark hair and beautiful eyes. They love to wear colorful clothing, decorative head bands and ornate jewelry. The Phylèstiens are spiritual people who believe that their ancestors continue to thrive in another realm and that their wisdom is passed on through a process called meditative transcendence.

The Phylèstiens have a myriad of complex theological thoughts that they teach all over the Universe. The most significant part of Phylèstien history was their involvement with the Tytàníèns with whom an alliance was formed in order to prevent certain catastrophic events from occurring. They have pioneered several search and rescue operations throughout the outer regions of the Universe, some of which have earned them accolades from neighboring civilizations.

The Phylèstiens had an integral role in the development of multiple civilizations across the Universe and have incarnated on this planet for several millennia. In the future the Phylèstiens will be recognized for their contribution to Humankind and for their involvement in the spiritual evolution of this planet and several others around the Universe.

The Phylèstiens continue to play a major role on our planet as spiritual guides who work tirelessly alongside the Árian angels for the greater good of Humankind. The Phylèstiens are originators of The Inca, The Aztec and The Mayan civilizations.

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