Archangel Kàm Humor 2010

A little Angel humor Archangel Kàm. A few years ago I was watching a movie over the Christmas holiday when I started to hear ‘Do you believe in Magic’ playing repeatedly in my mind.

During the first commercial break I went into the kitchen to get a glass of wine and when I returned I did not recognize the movie that I was looking at. When I checked the channel it had been changed so I changed it back in order to continue watching my movie.

I wondered what had happened as my cats were asleep on the sofa. I had left the remote control on my coffee table and it had not moved. There was absolutely no explanation for it. I knew at once that it had to be Archangel Kàm as it was not the first time he had ‘moved’ something in my home.

Over the years Archangel Kàm has been responsible for several such incidents and he loves to watch my face as I discover them then he would say ‘you should see your face’. Kàm was the first of my guardian angels to enter my life and he has a great sense of humor!

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2 thoughts on “Archangel Kàm Humor 2010

  1. steve varga

    I’m still waiting for him to do that to me…lol

  2. Jeanette

    Would love something like a mischievous spirit/Angel to do something to make my husband believe lol

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