Buddha Statue Vision March 2013

On Wednesday, 13th March 2013 I purchased a statue of Buddha carved out of wood from Body, Mind & Soul in Houston. The moment I saw it I knew I had to have it. From the first moment I placed the statue on a corner table in my living room I have been seeing a […]

Vision In My Living Room 2018

Last year while watching television early one evening I had an unexpected vision of a friend of mine.  I was sitting on my sofa in the living room when suddenly I saw my friend Debbie ice skating in front of me.  She was wearing a black skating dress, her hair long and loose.  It was […]

VISION OF Z’UREA 10 March 2012

I had a vision about a very large planet called Z’Urea where I was told by my guides that I have spent several past lives.  My mother from this life was  also in it.  I saw my mother outside our house trying desperately to rescue a small animal that I thought was a cat.  My […]

My Mother’s Passing July 2012

My Mother’s passing. In July of 2012 my mother’s health started to decline.  She was living in a nursing home in England at the time.  She had congestive heart failure, peripheral neuropathy and mild dementia.  On Friday, 6th July 2012 we received a call letting us know that she had taken a turn for the […]

Being Clairsentient

As a medium I am incredibly clairsentient and for those of you who do not understand what that means I will explain it.  Being clairsentient (empathic) means that I have the ability to feel or sense all of my emotions very strongly. I always have, but I never really gave much thought as to why […]