Èlòim is a high ranking Alpha Centaurian officer who has recently arrived at our planet to assist the Árian Angels with several projects requiring his area of expertise during our planet’s ‘Transition to Enlightenment’.

Èlòim is 6’4″ tall with a fair complexion, piercing blue eyes and shoulder length blonde hair. Èlòim is usually seen wearing form fitting tops and long pants of bright colors worn with ankle boots. He is from Alpha Centauri and lives on a beautiful planet that is very similar to Earth in composition.

Èlòim is a master metaphysician who spends most of his time studying ways to improve their current crystal based healing technology which is expected to be introduced to the healers of our planet in 2024.  The technology consists of what appears to be simple jewel encrusted healing wands, however there is nothing simple about them.  The wands are one foot long and weigh roughly 5 lbs. Each wand is made entirely of crystals that are all interchangeable.  The crystals used are all mined on many of Alpha Centauri’s planets.

When these wands become known to us they will be similar in appearance, but smaller and lighter in weight.  Also the crystals will be sourced from our planet and naturally very different from the ones used in Alpha Centauri.  This form of healing will only be available to qualified healers who will undergo full training before they are permitted to use them.  The healers who use them will be guided telepathically by Alpha Centaurian healers.


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