Trader Joe’s 13 May 2019

Message from an Angel at Trader Joe’s.  My life has been a bit of a roller coaster lately to say the least.  This morning while shopping at Trader Joe’s I heard a song being played in the store that I recognized.  All I could hear was ‘I would walk 500 miles’ and I knew it […]

Angel Story: Archangel Kalim

I have had several encounters and visions  of Archangel Kalim who always addresses me as ‘Miss Cynthia Silk’.  Whenever I saw him in my home he would sit next to me and often brought a single stem red rose with him.  On one occasion I actually saw the red rose in the physical sense! When […]

An Angel Helped Me This Morning

An Angel helped me this morning. When I got up I noticed that my cat Réya was playing with the door stop in my bathroom.  She was trying to remove the plastic cap from it.  While trying to move  her away from the door I accidentally removed her collar.   I tried to put it […]