Emerald Angel Ézzrà

Tuesday, 28th December 2010 Emerald Angel Ézzrà. This morning when I woke up I noticed that the CD/DVD drive was open on my laptop which was on my bedside table to my left. I knew immediately that Emerald Angel Ézzrà had done this to let me know that he was here! Ézzrà has a habit

Archangel Kàm Message 5 March 2012

Archangel Kàm Message. A friend is coming to stay today. After spending the morning cleaning the guest bedroom and bathroom I did a final inspection to make sure I had not forgotten anything. Confident that I had everything that my friend might need I proceeded to get myself ready for his arrival and as I

Being Clairsentient

As a medium I am incredibly clairsentient and for those of you who do not understand what that means I will explain it.  Being clairsentient (empathic) means that I have the ability to feel or sense all of my emotions very strongly. I always have, but I never really gave much thought as to why