Vision Of S’àra 2010

I would like to share a vision I had several years ago of a girl named S’àra (pronounced Sarah).  This happened while I was sitting on my sofa working on my laptop.  I noticed that ‘someone’ was standing to the right of me and when I looked I saw a girl with her arms outstretched towards the sky.  She had long reddish-blonde hair and was wearing a long pink robe with a gold-colored cord with tassels tied around her waist.  Then she was gone.

After she left I heard the name ‘Sarah’ however when I asked if that was correct I was told that the name was right but that the spelling of it was not which is why I am writing about it today.  Her name is actually S’àra and she comes from the Constellation of Pleiades.  S’àra was practicing a ritual to manifest a place to start a new life as the one she was in was not a good one.  She was trying to get away from her family who were very cruel to her and her sisters.

After my vision of S’àra I wondered if I would ever hear from her again. I asked my Angels why I saw her and I was told that I had met her in multiple past lives as friends.

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