My Mother’s Passing July 2012

My Mother’s passing. In July of 2012 my mother’s health started to decline.  She was living in a nursing home in England at the time.  She had congestive heart failure, peripheral neuropathy and mild dementia.  On Friday, 6th July 2012 we received a call letting us know that she had taken a turn for the worse and that she was not expected to last the weekend.  My sister and I both live in Texas so it was decided that she would leave for England the next day on Saturday, 7th July and that I would follow as soon as possible because I was unwell at the time.

Saturday night around 8:00 PM as I was going through some emails on my laptop when an overwhelming feeling of calm and well-being came over me.  Not only that but I felt better than I had in ages.  When I woke up the next morning I had one of my premonition headaches.  My sister called me from my mother’s home in England at 7:00 AM to let me know that our mother had passed away somewhere around 2:00 AM.  I already knew what she was going to say when I picked up the telephone.  Then it dawned on my why I felt better the night before. There is a six-hour time difference between Texas and the UK.  Her time of death was the exact time I felt the overwhelming feeling of calm and well-being!

I asked my Angels if I had felt my mother leave this life and they said yes that was correct.  They also told me that the moment she departed this life she was made whole again and that she was completely free of any illness.  For some reason I found myself asking my Angels if my mother had woken up yet. I did not get an answer right away.

At around 7:00 PM on Sunday night I experienced the same calmness and well-being that I had the night before.  I asked my Angels if anyone else I knew had passed away and they said no nobody I knew had died.  So I went about my evening feeling good again.

The next day on Monday, 9th July I was sitting on the sofa with my laptop when suddenly I saw an image appear on the living room wall.  I say image because that is what I thought would be but it turned into a video projection and it was of my mother.  I will never forget what I saw.  I saw my mother in some sort of medical facility.  She was sitting up in bed looking well and much younger.  Archangel Michael was sitting to the left of her with his long hair, normally worn loose, tied back in a pony tail.  After that Archangel Kalim told me that when she woke up she had a cup of tea.  Then he told me that when my mother was asked what she would like to eat she replied ‘fish and chips’ and he smiled as he said it.  Next I was shown a pair of pink slippers to the left of the bed on the floor.  I was told that they were placed there for my mother to wear while she was being cared for at the medical facility.

After the video projection stopped I asked Archangel Kalim if the second feeling of calm and well-being I experienced the day she died was in fact when my mother ‘woke up’ after crossing over.  He smiled and simply said ‘yes’.

Seeing all of this was such a comfort to me because I ended up missing her funeral.  The last time I saw my mother we spent Christmas and New Year together. When the time came to say goodbye I felt a huge sense of foreboding that stayed with me for several days.  I felt miserable on the flight back to Houston and even when I got home.  Little did I know that I had seen my mother for the last time.

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8 thoughts on “My Mother’s Passing July 2012

  1. Cheryl Hatter

    Beautiful! I want to learn to communicate with my angels. I know they are with me.

  2. This is such a beautiful read and pure confirmation of heaven ~ Thank you so much for sharing your lovely Mum’s story and may she have Eternal rest

    • Thank you Susan! I appreciate your response! Love, Cynthia xx

  3. Ken Drummond

    Thank you Cynthia for sharing your experiences

  4. Patti Russell

    I never heard of the waking up. I also did not know you could eat on the other side?

    • Hi Patti! What do you expect to happen? Life continues after this one. Our life here is a finite one. Once we leave (pass) we go back to where we were based before this life which mostly is in another dimension of this planet or on another planet. Love, Cynthia xx

      • George du Preez

        I’m from South Africa in a place called Jan Kempdorp. I’m happy to have made contact with you and would love to learn more.An amazing story about your mom.
        Why do people always say rest in peace wheras life continues after crossing over.

        • Thank you George. I agree life goes on after we leave this life.

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