Life As A Duck!

I love all animals but for some reason I am very drawn to ducks.  When I lived by a lake I would spend hours at a time walking around it taking as many photographs of ducks as I could.  Sometimes they would pose for me on my patio and go to great lengths to catch […]

VISION OF Z’UREA 10 March 2012

I had a vision about a very large planet called Z’Urea where I was told by my guides that I have spent several past lives.  My mother from this life was  also in it.  I saw my mother outside our house trying desperately to rescue a small animal that I thought was a cat.  My […]

Past Life Connection

Years ago when I used to go out regularly and after work or at the weekends I met an English friend of my boyfriend called Michael.  There were several British pubs in Houston, three of which were owned and run by Michael. Whenever I was at any of his pubs he always came over and […]

Concurrent Lives

A concurrent life is when two lives are lived simultaneously. One life is lived in the 3rd dimension of this planet and the other in an exact replica of this planet in order to correct past life mistakes. It is important to understand the reasons we are sent here to spend a life and that we are never sent here to suffer in any way.

Past Life: ‘Jack’

On Monday, 1st December 2008 I woke up with a sense of foreboding. I had a brief dream about someone I knew in a past life of mine.  I felt the urge to start writing and then I realized a male voice was speaking to me.  His name was Jack. Jack:  I did not realize […]

Vision Of S’àra 2010

I would like to share a vision I had several years ago of a girl named S’àra (pronounced Sarah).  This happened while I was sitting on my sofa working on my laptop.  I noticed that ‘someone’ was standing to the right of me and when I looked I saw a girl with her arms outstretched […]