Vision of Another Planet: Pétreùvià

Dream sequence on Saturday, 17th October 2009.

I was on another planet facing a forest in the distance.  I saw a cave man in front of the forest and he looked puzzled when he saw me.  Then I noticed a tiger coming towards me but I was not afraid of it.  My next memory was of an unusual sky with a beige, brown and pink zig zag design that I found myself staring at.  I saw a sabre-toothed tiger jump ‘through’ the sky and immediately vanish.  Then I realized that the ‘sky’ was in fact an outer dimension.

When I woke up I asked my angels where I had been.  I was told that this was a new planet and that it was starting its history in the Paleolithic age just like Earth!  The planet is called Pétreùvià and it is located in a small star system within spitting distance of our solar system.

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