Significance of Dreams

Dreams have always been an enigma for all who experience them. Every dream has its own significance and is unique to the person experiencing it but the truth is that it is almost impossible to accurately interpret them. The average person only recalls approximately 10% of dream activity and unless details of the dreams are documented immediately upon awakening they are easily forgotten.

The dream concept is an intricate one comprising multiple facets. My angels told me that dreams were never intended to be this complex and that they were meant to be a source for knowledge. In other words ‘dreams’ were dimensions we could visit during our sleep in order to learn about our ancestors, past lives and future events.

Nowadays dreams have evolved beyond their original concept. When we sleep we enter an ‘altered state’ that enables us to tap into multiple dimensions, sometimes simultaneously and extract all kinds of information that we brought with us to this life (past life memories for instance). It also enables us to travel through time telepathically to places we once lived or to be shown other planets in the Universe by our Angels or Spirit Guides. Sometimes we are sent by our Elders to ‘Sacred Temples of Learning’ to receive instruction on subjects that will give us a better understanding of the life path we are destined to follow.

Some of the most common dreams we experience are a combination of thoughts triggered by our anxieties or even those of people we are connected to. Dreams are also used as a method for us to receive messages from our angels and deceased loved ones.

Messages received in dreams can be rather confusing at times as they can contain symbolism making them difficult to comprehend. For those with mediumship abilities dreams can also include visions and prophecies.

There will come a time when we will all have a better understanding of the mechanism behind the dream concept and the knowledge to interpret them.

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