Now Is Not The time To Talk!

Several years ago I was on my way out to meet some friends for a committee meeting about an upcoming Gala, at an English Pub on the other side of town.  I gave myself plenty of time to get there and made sure that my cell phone was fully charged before I left.  I had barely left home and got stuck in traffic.  While I waited for the traffic to clear I started to check my messages on my phone.  Much to my dismay I realized that if I did not get on the freeway soon I would be late and started to worry about it.

When the traffic cleared I decided to call one of my friends to let her know that I would be late.  I reached for my cell phone as I was getting on to the freeway only to find that it was turned off.  As I had charged it before I left home and had just checked my messages I knew that the battery was not the problem.  I asked my angels if they had turned it off and got an immediate ‘YES’ to which I replied ‘but what if there is an emergency and I need to use my phone?’ then I heard ‘there won’t be’!    I was not very happy because I really wanted to let my friends know I would be there only later than planned.

By the time I got within spitting distance from the pub I got stuck in yet another traffic jam and this time there was so much traffic I was at a complete stand still.  I was getting annoyed and asked my angels if it was alright to use my phone to which they replied ‘yes it is’.  I picked up my phone and much to my delight it turned right back on so I made a quick call to my friend to explain why I was late and that I would be there as soon as I could.  I also noticed that my phone was still fully charged.  A few minutes later I arrived at my destination safe and sound.

The moral from this unexpected guidance was ‘do not place yourself in harm’s way by talking on your cell phone while driving’!

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