Thinking About Having A Reading?

If you are thinking about having a reading please never have one of you are angry or in a bad mood as you could easily misinterpret the guidance you are being given.  This is a personal experience I had while doing readings at Body, Mind & Soul in Houston a few years ago.

I had a young Russian female who had booked a 30 minute reading with me.   I started receiving information from my guides immediately she sat down and there was plenty of it. However everything I said was met with ‘umm’, ‘maybe’, ‘not sure’ or ‘I don’t know’ which was extremely frustrating.

After a while I looked at the clock and we were 8 minutes into the 30 paid for then I made a decision.  I told her that I felt it best if we stopped the reading because something was blocking it and then I walked her to the payment desk and stayed with her until someone became available refund her payment.

While we waited she asked me why I stopped the reading. I told her that I did not feel it was a good day for her to have one.  She went quiet for a bit then she came up to me and asked if it could be because she was in a bad mood.  My response was ‘yes’ absolutely.  Then she asked me if she came back another time would I do a reading for her.  Of course I said yes I would be happy to.

She returned several weeks’ later in a better mood and the reading went very well!

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