Life As A Duck!

I love all animals but for some reason I am very drawn to ducks.  When I lived by a lake I would spend hours at a time walking around it taking as many photographs of ducks as I could.  Sometimes they would pose for me on my patio and go to great lengths to catch my attention if I was indoors by peeking through the windows.  Such curious creatures!

Earlier this year I was sitting on my sofa when I suddenly found myself following a white duck under a bridge at night.  It seemed perfectly natural to me but I knew that I was also a duck!  I asked my guides if I had spent time as a duck and was told yes I had in another life with Archangel Kàm.  It was only for a few weeks and we both wanted to know what life as a duck would be like.  It was wonderful and I remember finding humor in everything in particular going under water for food.  

Ducks are very territorial and have their own unique ways of warding off outsiders.  They love to observe life around them of any kind.  Most of all they are good natured and a highly intelligent species.  Even though my experience was a brief one I thoroughly enjoyed being a duck!

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  1. JAC

    What an interesting item . Thank you for sharing.

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