Concurrent Lives

A concurrent life is when two lives are lived simultaneously. One life is lived in the 3rd dimension of this planet and the other in an exact replica of this planet in order to correct past life mistakes.

It is important to understand the reasons we are sent here to spend a life and that we are never sent here to suffer in any way. More often than not we come here simply to have a good life, but there are times when things go wrong and not as planned. Before we are sent here to spend a life we are given a general outline of the path we are to follow by Angels. For the most part people lead good lives and when confronted with adversity they are able to manage and move on from it. When life goes off course another plan is formulated to put all who experience it back on track by sending someone to intervene. Depending on the specific circumstances this could be a new partner for example.

Relationships are the single most reason why people deviate from their life path, particularly when there are children involved. If there is past life history of this they are sent to live concurrent lives each with a different group of people but with exactly the same life path. Those who are sent to live concurrent lives are identical and are known as cosmic twins which is why they often experience ‘déjà vu’, the French term meaning ‘already seen’. The ‘déjà vu’ is usually about situations or places.

Concurrent lives are extremely successful because there is always a positive outcome for one or both. Using this method Angels know exactly who to match those of us who experience them in future lives.

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2 thoughts on “Concurrent Lives

  1. Jennifer

    Wow this I find most interesting because most my life I have experienced Deja’s vu and frequently dream about being somewhere else with my family and repeating for the most part.

  2. Hello Jennifer – thank you for your comment. So many of us have had these experiences.
    Love, Cynthia x

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