Free To Be

‘Free to Be’.  I overheard one of my guides say this, but not to me.  I liked the expression and decided to write about it as I am now curious about the subject.

Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you had been born in another country and how your life might have turned out?  Would I be the same person I am now was my first thought.  I received an unexpected response from one of my guides and that was ‘yes because you have the same soul wherever you are born’.  Then I thought would I have the same parents assigned to me and the response from my guides was ‘not necessarily, it would depend on which country you were born in’.

My thoughts turned to the kind of schools I might have attended and what courses I would have taken.  When I was a teenager I thought about being a flight attendant, but then decided against it.  Instead my first job ended up being a secretary that I absolutely hated!  Then an opportunity popped up at a small travel agency in London so I took it.  I felt like a fish out of water in every sense.  Then I wondered what I could do about my new ‘career choice’.  Completely lost I decided to work as a temp wherever I was needed.  I enjoyed that because I was not tied to any specific job.  Freedom!

I tried to imagine what I would have done differently from this life and in the end I realized that it did not matter what I did for a living or anything else for that matter just as long as I was happy.

The moral of this post is that we are ‘free to be’ whatever we want to be!

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