Archangel Michael Encounter 2009

One night March 2009 I experienced a remarkable journey from my home to an undisclosed place on this planet.  I was asleep and woke up with the feeling that I was being moved. I felt a pair of hands around my waist that gently removed me from my bed. I was not sure what was happening but I was not afraid. The next thing I remember I was sitting in an open top train that was moving rather slowly down a hill and that it was dark outside. I did not see anybody with me but I knew I was not traveling alone.

A few moments later I was stepping off the train on to a station platform. I stood on the platform. There was someone standing beside me but I did not see who it was. I remember feeling a breeze on my legs. I looked down and saw that I was wearing a short skirt and sandals, which is interesting because that was not what I was wearing when I went to bed! Then I turned around to see a tall man with waist-length hair walking towards the station exit. He had his right arm draped around a petite woman with long blonde hair wearing a short skirt and sandals. As I observed the scene I realized the woman was me only younger! After that I found myself back in bed and awake!

I asked my guardian angel Vincent if the tall man was one of my guardian angels. I felt that whoever it was loved me like a sister. He said it was but before he could tell me who the angel was I asked if it was Michael. As soon as Vincent confirmed that it was indeed Michael I felt a wave of emotion that left me very tearful. Archangel Michael is one of my guardian angels and he was the one who escorted me on this journey along with another of my Guardian Angels, Archangel Kàm.

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6 thoughts on “Archangel Michael Encounter 2009

  1. I am glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Mystic Cindy

    Wow, you never fail to amaze me xxxxx

  3. Willetta

    My guardian angel’s name is Michael. I call on Archangel Michael quite often.

    • Thank you for your message Willetta! Love, Cynthia

  4. The day after my brother died I had a dream, that he came back to visit me in our house where he was in a hospital bed, because he had terminal cancer.,I did a lot of crying because he suffered very much despite good pain relief. There was a very tall man with him and in my head I knew he was an angel…I felt they were there to convince me he was OK and not to be grieving all the time…

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