Emerald Angel Zain

Emerald Angel Zain vision

Several months ago I had a vision of Zain in the ethereal sense literally landing in the middle of my living room like he had jumped through the ceiling. His hair was platinum blonde with a slight wave in it worn loose to the waist. He was wearing a black rain coat over a shiny silver gray shirt with a mandarin collar and smart black trousers. As I write this I see the shoes he was wearing which were black loafers with a tassel.

Zain just told me that that was when he decided to come to my rescue and that I had a vision of his arrival. He made himself known to me telepathically somewhere around mid-November and that was when I heard his voice for the first time and I found out that he spoke with a German accent although he is not German nor is he from this planet originally. Zain is an Emerald Angel and he is one of my Guardians.

He was very funny and told me that we had so much to talk about. He made me laugh! When I first ‘met’ him telepathically I saw him observing me and my situation from a vantage point through a large window. I also saw him talking to Archangel John at one point.  Zain kept saying “so you really don’t remember me?” which I found funny and replied that I do not remember him, not yet anyway!

A couple of weeks ago I had the same vision of Zain ‘landing’ in my living room only this time he looked solid and not ethereal. Not too long after that I saw him about to land in front of me also in solid form which I believe means that this was a message from Zain letting me know that he is on his way to me in the physical sense.

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  1. JAC

    Love hearing about your interaction with Angels. Thank you for sharing your stories Cynthia.

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