Angel Message 6 January 2023

On Friday, 6th January 2023 I woke up with a song in my mind.  It was an old song called ‘Because’ by the Beatles and it was from my Angels.  I had not heard it in years so I searched for it on YouTube and here it is.

I have always loved the Beatles and I had not heard this song in years.

Songwriters: Paul McCartney / John Lennon

4 thoughts on “Angel Message 6 January 2023

  1. Jeanette

    I hadn’t heard of this song before thank you for sharing. I woke up this morning to a song titled “Don’t change” by The Crickets.

  2. Jim Callahan

    The Feast of the Epiphany Cynthia ! I always loved this song it’s a part of the medley on a great album ! , “Love is old, Love is New, Love is old, love is you !’

    • Thank you Jim! Somehow I missed your post!

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