Out of Body Experience!

Before I woke up this morning, I found myself standing in a corridor of a building. I was deciding whether to take the elevator or go down the stairs to the ground floor. Both the corridor and the stairs were pure white.

I remember being here before, but I do not recall when. I decided to take the stairs. I looked down and noticed that there were two people ahead of me about to walk down to the next floor. As I was going down the stairs, I saw a long white tunnel that I felt compelled to go through. There was something going on at the end of it then I felt a sense of urgency, so I flew through it like a bird. However, before I could see what was taking place I woke up!

As I type this, I was told by my guides that I was about to go to an area of our planet currently under siege in order to help. I was advised that I will be shown what the people were doing beyond the tunnel very soon.

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