Haunting Lake Vyrnwy, Wales 2017

Several years ago when I was in the tour industry I visited the UK with a friend.  We had rented a car and were looking for hotels off the beaten path that we could recommend to our clients looking to stay in in Wales.  We found a beautiful hotel called Lake Vyrnwy situated next to a large lake by the same name located in Llanwddyn, Powys, Wales.

A little history about Lake Vyrnwy.  Lake Vyrnwy is a reservoir in Powys, Wales, built in the 1880s for Liverpool Corporation Waterworks to supply Liverpool with fresh water. It flooded the head of the Vyrnwy valley and submerged the village of Llanwddyn.  The people of Llanwddyn were not advised about the plans and tried to stop it however they were unsuccessful. Subsequently a new village was constructed on higher ground to house the original residents.

Many of the rooms at the hotel face the lake as does its main restaurant and huge outdoor patio.  The scenery is breathtaking!  During my stay I remember looking at the lake and noticed a church spire sticking out from it.  I thought nothing of it as I had no idea how deep the lake was.  In 2017 I returned to Lake Vyrnwy with a friend who had never been before.  We stayed at the same hotel which is in fact the only one in the area.

While driving around one afternoon we came across a tiny coffee and gift shop right next to the lake.  We went in and had coffee.  My friend is a medium like me and she was telling me about the ghost she saw in our room the night before.  It was a male and did not frighten her at all.  As for me I slept through the night without any disturbances.  Then I told her about the submerged village beneath the lake and the church spire sticking out from it the last time I was there.  There was a young woman sitting at the table next to us who was apparently quite interested in what we were talking about.  When she heard me mention the church spire she told me that it was impossible to have seen it as the lake was very deep and that most of the village (what was left of it) was in ruins. I asked her if she was sure because I remember it so clearly but her answer was the same.

As soon as I arrived back in Houston I checked for information about the lake and the village that once thrived there.  I found a video of Llanwddyn and sure enough there was no sign of the church or its spire!  The young woman was correct.  I also looked at very old photos of the village and found there was a church and two chapels.  Then it dawned on me that what I had seen the first time I went was a ghostly vision of the church that used to be there before the village was even excavated!

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