Emerald Angel Jézzrà 2009

Thanksgiving Day 2009 was a memorable one as I was given four significant signs from my angels. I was working on my laptop in the morning and had the news on in the background. I just happened to glance at the television and when I saw three star-like flashes of rose colored energies across the TV screen. Shortly thereafter I saw a large flash of white energy at the end of my hallway by the top of the stairs.

My cell phone was on my coffee table. It was turned on as I was expecting some calls. Suddenly I heard an unfamiliar ring tone coming from my cell phone. It rang twice and then turned itself off! I picked up the phone and turned it back on again to find the battery fully charged, but I knew it would be as my angels told me they had just turned it off.

My angels show me regular signs validating information I am receiving from them. The last sign I saw was at bed time. Right before I drifted off to sleep I saw a small square of emerald green energy projected against the window I was facing. I was told by Emerald Angel Jézzrà that he would be sending me a sign later that day and he did!  I will never forget Thanksgiving Day 2009!

The angel who told me he would send me a sign was Emerald Angel Jézzrà.

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