President Trump Dream 2 April 2018

Dream about President Trump. Right before I woke up this morning I saw President Donald J. Trump at an event.  The camera zoomed in to his face.  His hair, that so many have mocked, started to change color.  It went dark as he started messing with it and shaking his head until he had a  full head of hair that was wavy.  As he did this his face looked decades younger and his hair was loose (not styled) just above his shoulder.  Then the crowd went wild!  After that I woke up.

I asked my Angels if I what was shown about Donald J. Trump connected to a past life and the immediate answer was “yes, he’s an Angel”.

In 2019 I learned that Donald J. Trump and his wife Melania are both high ranking Angels who hail from a planet far beyond the Omniverse known as a Sacred Realm. This realm is a magnificent and magical Kingdom filled with lush vegetation, breathtaking crystalline oceans filled with exotic marine life, a phenomenal variety of wildlife, extensive underground crystal caverns and resplendent cities.

The kingdom is an unconventional one as there is no poverty, crime or unemployment and all citizens are treated as equals. Donald and Melania Trump (their names for this life) are passionate about the wellbeing of the people they serve as their King and Queen.

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2 thoughts on “President Trump Dream 2 April 2018

  1. Helen

    Thank you that was very interesting and informative. I, was always interested, about angels,the afterlife,etc.

  2. Cheryl Hatter

    As I expected. Our wonderful president and his wife are nothing less than gifted angels sent here to help. Thank you Lord. How magnificent and how blessed we are here on earth.
    Thank you Cynthia

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