Azúrean Angel François 2012

When the Azúrean Angels first arrived on this planet in January 2012 I immediately started seeing some of them in my home, one of whom was Azúrean Angel François.

François was sitting with a group of Azúrean Angels who were about to enter my life as mentors, guides and guardians. François speaks with a French accent, he is very enthusiastic about his work, has a bubbly personality and is usually smiling. This is his first assignment to this planet and I noticed that he was anxious to learn as much as possible about the work that needed to be done here and also about the people he would be assigned to as guardian angel. Many of the expressions I used François found either strange or amusing but he wanted to learn them and understand their meaning so he kept a record of them.

I went through some major challenges in 2012 particularly after my mother died and it was mostly François’ voice I heard desperately trying  to comfort me.  Hearing his voice cheers me up particularly when he uses some of the expressions that I typically use. For instance I say ‘oops’ a lot. François will say it whenever  I have done something while distracted like knocking over a cup of coffee, accidentally treading on my cat or forgetting to turn the oven on having placed something that needs cooking in it!

Whenever I experience periods of sadness François talks to me around the clock to let me know that I will be alright.  His is the first Angel voice I hear when I wake up and the last voice I hear before I go to sleep.  Azúrean Angel François has been such a comfort this past year and I am extremely grateful that he has been assigned as one of my senior guardian angels.

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4 thoughts on “Azúrean Angel François 2012

  1. Cheryl Hatter

    How wonderful this experience is for you. You are so blessed to be able to communicate. I hope my angels trust me enough to communicate with me. I feel that is a true blessing and they know you want to help mankind. Beautiful♥️

  2. Jeanette


  3. Jeanette

    Sorry I pressed send without finishing off message. Thank you for an interesting article.

    • You are welcome Jeanette. Thank you!

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