Encounter With An ‘E.T’ 22 December 2009

Encounter with an E.T. and Archangel Michael. I woke up around 3:45 this morning and had trouble getting back to sleep. The last time I looked at the clock it was 4:40. The next thing I remember I was sitting in a room facing a rather unusual looking being sitting in an armchair. This being was alabaster in color and was definitely not human. We stared at each other for several minutes when I noticed someone else was in the room seated to the right of this being – my guardian angel Michael. I was so intrigued by this being and wondered who it was. Then the E.T.’s hand was extended to me and I reached over and shook it as is customary when meeting someone for the first time. I felt very much at ease.

The hand was long and tapered and I got up and walked towards this unusual being. As I did that the being stood up and took my left hand and placed it to the side of her face. I say ‘her’ because I heard a female voice speak to me telepathically. All she said was “your hand is so soft”. She had doe-like eyes and was very kind. Then she sat back down again, but I just stood there and stared at her. The reason I was staring was because she was changing shape completely and shrinking in size! I felt embarrassed when I realized I was staring, but Michael told me it was alright because she wanted me to see her morph into another form. Sadly I never got to see the end result because I woke up!

I asked one of my angels who I had just met and I was told that I had met a highly intelligent species known as animal metamorphs (shape shifters) who communicate telepathically and that I would be seeing more of this species very soon. I will never forget my encounter with this unusual E.T.

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  1. Nick rolfe

    I had encounter 20yrs ago ,I just got home from work done my usual thing uniform out for the Morning had my coffee then set the Alarm
    Got into bed had strange feeling someone was watching me
    Going over my lords prayer to take this away from me
    The i seen two blue lights on my bedroom wall at first i thought kids outside playing with lazers then i said but kids would not be able to get into my back garden ,this feeling was getting stronger then all of a sudden i heard please dont be afraid we mean you no harm well my heart was going so fast i was trying not to breath i said please go away in the name of jesus christ ourr lord
    Again please turn round right then i got turned to face my bedroom window
    There standing was two people one short woman and tall blonde guy
    She was short oriental looking he was tall blonde both wearing black all in one suits big belts on she communicated with me Telepathically, i said you are not from here she said that is correct we want to take you on a short journey i said you have to wait untill i put something on next minute iam on a space ship small tv monitors all ariund me a tall guy peircing blue eyes said man is gong to destroy man and the planet when that time comes we will come back for you and bring you home ,this is my true accounts of this

  2. Lisa

    Hello Cynthia,
    I have been I feel a victim of telepathic verbal abuse and psychic attacks since 1995. And has been done throughout the years from a man who tells me he has been psychic with me since childhood. He tells me telepathically. I have had abductions by ufos as a child and can remember most of them. I recall a boy in line with a few other children and myself (way back then); but only remember the line up.
    So more currently this man says he’s been psychic with me my whole life I know for myself I’am not and never have been psychic. Through the years he’s been connecting more people. There also seems to be men in white lab coats who are running some kind of computer with this. So he connects people then the people connect other more people. I know how crazy this sounds but what I hear from one man is now several others. And there’s too much detail to describe then what space here allows. I have been keeping a journal and place entries of what’s said and have also went to the police and have had some therapy. The police did not believe me for no physical proof. The therapy has helped but does not make him/them go away.
    I’ve read on some self psychic defense and that helps too. I would gladly appreciate any other advice if anyone else is going through or something like I’am. I apologise this is not something more gentle and sweet but I just felt the need to say this while I had the chance.
    Thank you Cynthia
    God Bless….

    • Hello Lisa – where are you located? I can try and help you with it if you would like me too. I am familiar with these types of occurrences. You can find me on Facebook messenger. My page is http://www.facebook.com/TheAngelChanneler or you can email me at angelchanneler@outlook.com. Love, Cynthia

    • Mehul Thind

      I have also had experiences with psychic attacks (basically every day for a while) I have learned that they go away with the ending of lust and indulgence in sensual pleasures, preconceived thoughts, and attachments. Know feel9jgs as they arise, persist for a little while and go away, mimic these effects and you will learn or realize the way to end these psychic attacks through your own spiritual growth.

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