Angel Realm Dream

Years ago I had a dream that I recently recalled.  I found myself on a street facing a beach when I noticed that all the people on it were dressed in white.  Some were walking and some were cycling.  They were all heading to a summer solstice celebration.  A man waved at me as he cycled past.  Then I sat down on the curb so I could watch them.

I asked my angels where I was and was told I was in an Angel realm surrounding this planet. The people I saw on the beach were all Árian Angels.  I wish it had lasted longer!

Reference: Árian Angels

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2 thoughts on “Angel Realm Dream

  1. Jeanette

    WoW what an amazing dream, thank you for sharing .❤

    • Thank you Jeanette. It was an amazing dream! Love, Cynthia

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