An Angel Helped Me This Morning

An Angel helped me this morning. When I got up I noticed that my cat Réya was playing with the door stop in my bathroom.  She was trying to remove the plastic cap from it.  While trying to move  her away from the door I accidentally removed her collar.   I tried to put it back on but she would not let me so I let her go while I got dressed.  I put her collar next to the bathroom sink so I would not forget it.

After getting dressed I noticed the collar was no longer next to the sink.  I had a quick look around my bathroom but could not find it.  I wondered if my other cat Kezzya had run off with it as she often does with many of my possessions.  Thinking that I would deal with it later I walked into the kitchen to make coffee when I saw my cat Réya sitting by the kitchen door.  Much to my surprise she had her collar on!

I saw a faint vision of an angel so I asked if he had put my cat’s collar back on and he replied yes he had.  I have seen this angel before over the past few weeks but I did not know his name so I asked if I could know it.  A few minutes later I found out that it was Angel Òróksòk who had helped me.   He was wearing a long deep blue tunic with a mandarin collar and  buttons down the front over blue trousers.   Angel Oroksok is an Azúrean Angel.  I will be writing about this angel in the near future.

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