Archangel Kàm Message 5 March 2012

Archangel Kàm Message. A friend is coming to stay today. After spending the morning cleaning the guest bedroom and bathroom I did a final inspection to make sure I had not forgotten anything. Confident that I had everything that my friend might need I proceeded to get myself ready for his arrival and as I was doing so I kept hearing a tune playing over and over in my head. I asked my angels why I was hearing the theme to the 1970’s sitcom ‘Soap’ but before they had a chance to answer I realized I had forgotten to put some soap in the guest bathroom! Archangel Kàm was the Angel responsible for the song.

Angels often send us messages through songs that are heard repeatedly in our minds. It is one of many methods they use to get our attention. The message can be in the title or one or two of the verses.

Archangel Kàm has sent me many a message since then many of which will be added to this website!

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2 thoughts on “Archangel Kàm Message 5 March 2012

  1. Henry Z

    I have used that very soap that you depict in the photo. In fact, I live fairly close to a distributor of the Olive version. I was so impressed with their soap that I spoke to them about selling it via a business that I had in mind. I can’t say that it is the same brand but it is of virtually identical structure and the ones that I used were very grounding if that makes any sense.

    Cynthia, the more I that see your work the more I know that you are serving a much higher purpose. I believe that your time has come and that your work is going to be sought after by many more as this Awakening process takes place. The reading you provided me with just recently, has thinned the veil for me. It is like you opened a door that I could not. Suddenly I am being flooded with inspiration and an even higher dose of courage than I already had. I needed it and I got it from you. If you could do that for me, then the other souls of the world will be eternally blessed for what you will do for them.

    • Thank you so much Henry! I appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment on my website. What you have wished for me, right back at thee.
      Love, Cynthia ️️

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