The Pleiadean Angels come from a small planet called Erra that is situated in the Constellation of Pleiades. Erra is the most beautiful planet with snow-capped mountain ranges that extend for hundreds of miles, lush rain forests and pristine beaches. The Pleiadean Angels have many great cities complete with a unique transit system that is built high above ground. What makes the transit system unique is the manner in which it spirals like a coil around each of the interconnecting cities of which there are many.

The Pleiadean Angels are a tall civilization with an average height of 6’5″. They have a very pale complexion with vibrant blue, brown, green or violet eyes and are known for their unusual style of clothing.

The planet Erra gets its daylight from a very large star that is so close it illuminates almost every part of a neighboring constellation. As there is no sun in close proximity the Pleiadeans have to manufacture their own heating system in order sustain life on their planet. Erra has no moons or any other form of spheres in its orbit. The planet’s night sky has the most spectacular scenery consisting of multiple star groups and beautiful spirals of light that are so bright they are visible from several sun systems.

The Pleiadean Angels are an integral part of our planet’s ‘Transition to Enlightenment‘ and will be working alongside the Árian Angels overseeing the entire process. They have incarnated on this planet for several millennia and have made many significant contributions to its evolution. The Pleiadean Angels were among the first humans to inhabit the Universe and have contributed to its development in so many ways.

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