Life As A Psychic Child

Life as a psychic child. My childhood was a happy one and I can honestly say that I sailed through it completely oblivious of my psychic abilities. Looking back I now realize that I had so many strange and unusual experiences as I was growing up that I just took as being normal and subsequently never mentioned them to anyone.  We moved from England to Brazil when I was seven and that was when I started having prophetic dreams, visions and my clairsentience escalated. The move also marked the arrival of my ‘invisible’ friend I called the ‘Magic Man’.  The only person I told about the ‘Magic Man’ was my younger sister who was four year’s old at the time.   I remember telling her that he had special powers and that he could take us to England to visit our grandmother for a few hours whenever we wanted to.   I also explained that we would not travel by plane and that we would get there and back in a matter of hours. My sister mentioned this to my mother who thank goodness went along with it!

Due to the lack of English-speaking schools in the mountain town of Petrópolis my older brother and I were sent to a British boarding school in a neighboring town about an hour and a half away.   The school looked like a resort however it did not feel like one to me. My brother who was fourteen at the time loved it and immediately fitted right in.   That said I soon made friends and focused on my studies.

There were parts of the school that filled me with foreboding and I tried to avoid them wherever possible.  I told myself I was being silly but I went out of my way to avoid them nonetheless.  There were also several members of staff who made me feel very uncomfortable no matter how nice they were to me.   I did not trust them.   Then the recurring nightmares began or should I say visions because I remember being wide awake sitting on my bunk bed when I had them while my roommates slept.   While the visions frightened me they were quickly forgotten by the time I got up the next day.

Years later I found out that the school was closed down due to the inappropriate conduct of several staff members particularly that of the Headmaster.   It was only then that I understood the cause of my nightmares and why my sense of foreboding was so intense.

I left the school several years before it was closed down and then returned to my home town of Petrópolis where I attended a local school which I loved.   The nightmares ceased completely and were replaced by prophetic dreams and visions.   Life was back to normal for me.

I cannot remember exactly when my ‘invisible’ friend the ‘Magic Man’ stopped being a part of my childhood. I was completely unaware until recently that I had more than one invisible friend!  The ‘Magic Man’ unbeknownst to me at the time, was about my connection to Angels. Later I realised that I hade made him up as a child!

The photograph featured was taken at the boarding school I mentioned by my Dad. From right to left are my sister Linda Pickthall, Cynthia Silk (yikes about the hair), my brother Alan Pickthall and my mother Beryl Pickthall.

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8 thoughts on “Life As A Psychic Child

  1. jeanette

    Wow thank you for sharing you story.

  2. Carlos Costa

    Congratulations, friend Cynthia.
    May God continue to give you this brilliant mediumship for your life and to help people who need help.

    • Thank you Carlos! I truly appreciate your feedback! Take care, Cynthia x

  3. Paul

    Fantastic story – I see some parallels in my own with mystery beings as a child, never been able to properly develop though unless you count rescue work.

  4. M.A. Dube

    Great read Cynthia! Thanks for sharing your light.

  5. Charlotta

    Thank you for authentically sharing your story! I want to hear more 🙂

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