Telepathic Journeys

I am delighted to announce that I have recently added ‘telepathic journeys’ to my website.  A telepathic journey is a form of time travel guided by Angels that you take without leaving home!  These journeys encompass a variety of unique experiences that will leave you filled with wonder and longing for more. During these sessions you

Dreams Awake 2010

‘Dreams Awake’ are a form of trans-dimensional travel that take place within a secure environment where people are safely transported by Angels or Spirit Guides in order to experience one or more of the following events: historical regression, past life regression, prophecies, reunion with loved ones, the future or to receive guidance of any kind.

5th Dimension Prophecy

FUNERALS In the not too distant future funerals as we know them will cease to exist.  Instead the lives of loved ones will be celebrated with compassion in a service or privately. There will be no more burials because the bodies pollute the land.  Instead they will be cremated and the ashes placed in small

Message From Archangel Kàm 2012

Message from Archangel Kàm 06 July 2012.  At 5:05 PM today I heard two verses from Neil Diamond’s classic song ‘America’ in my mind.  Then I heard Archangel Kàm tell me telepathically that everything is going to be alright.  Archangel Kàm has been with me from the very beginning of my spiritual journey.  He was the