Dreams Awake 2010

‘Dreams Awake’ are a form of trans-dimensional travel that take place within a secure environment where people are safely transported by Angels or Spirit Guides in order to experience one or more of the following events: historical regression, past life regression, prophecies, reunion with loved ones, the future or to receive guidance of any kind.

This is a subject that I am very familiar with.  Most of mine have taken place at home during the day and sometimes at night. A few have taken place while I was driving in broad daylight.  In many cases ‘dreams awake’ occur whereby another dimension overlaps the one we live in making the transition seamless and without interruption of time.  This means that whatever we are doing at the time is merged with whatever we are to experience.

One of my most memorable experiences took place about a decade ago while I was at home by myself one evening listening to music. I was listening to my Phantom of the Opera CD.  I love the music as I was fortunate to see the original production of the show while I was in London many years ago. I was playing the show soundtrack and much to my surprise  ‘John Travolta’ suddenly appeared in my living room a few feet away from me in front of my entertainment cabinet!  He was dressed in a long black overcoat, a white shirt, black trousers and black shoes.  He was the spitting image of the role he played in ‘Michael’, a fantasy film about the Archangel Michael, who is sent to Earth to do various tasks, including mending some wounded hearts.  He started dancing just like he did in the film.  Before I knew it a conga line had started behind him.  In it I saw about a dozen Archangels, many of my friends, some family members and complete strangers.  As long as the music was playing the conga line got bigger and bigger so I kept re-playing it as I did not want the conga line to stop.  However once I stopped the music John Travolta and the conga line promptly vanished!  It was an amazing experience!  This was a prophecy about the coming together of all people around the planet.

Another memorable experience took place while I was driving home in Houston early one morning from the home of some friends of mine when something strange happened.  I had not been in that part of town in quite a while and I was caught in rush hour traffic.  I was heading towards 610 loop which was two or three miles away when I noticed that many of the old buildings that were familiar to me on the right were no longer there.  Instead I noticed that there was a lot of construction going on including a brand new sandstone building that I did not recognize at all.  When I drove on to the freeway (610 loop) my attention was drawn to the left of me where I noticed a cluster of brand new glass buildings that were built on a grass mound of some sort surrounded by a lot of tall trees and shrubbery.  It felt like an oasis and reminded me instantly of Hong Kong where I have been on several occasions.  Again I wondered when they were built as I had never seen them before.

I was still heading home and as I was about to turn on to 290 (northwest freeway) the exit ramp was wider and looked brand new with no traffic on it.  However once I was on 290 everything started looking old.  Then I wondered what was going on as I ‘felt’ as if I was going the wrong way. I had the morning news on the radio and I knew it was live as I listened to it often. I was a little confused as I did not recognize any of the landmarks on either side of the freeway.  Nonetheless I decided to keep going until eventually I saw a street name I recognized.  Feeling more confident I continued until I reached my neighborhood.  I decided to make a quick stop at my local supermarket that had only been built a few years before however when I drove up to it there were hardly any cars around and the store ‘looked’ abandoned.  Once again I felt strange and decided to head straight home just a few minutes up the road.  When I first entered my apartment complex, also relatively new, it all appeared ‘old’ and ‘disheveled’.  Even the vehicles parked there looked old.   At that point I drove straight to my garage apartment and went upstairs where everything looked and felt fine.  Later on when I ventured out to the store everything returned to normal.  My angels told me that I had taken a journey through time and what I had seen was a combination of the future and the present.  It is a journey I will never forget!

‘Dreams Awake’ can last from a few minutes to several hours and can also contain multiple segments.  The last one I experienced had multiple segments and lasted over 24 hours.  I will write about it at a future date!

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