Now Is Not The time To Talk!

Several years ago I was on my way out to meet some friends for a committee meeting about an upcoming Gala, at an English Pub on the other side of town.  I gave myself plenty of time to get there and made sure that my cell phone was fully charged before I left.  I had […]

Declutter Your Life

When the time is right to declutter your life.   If you find that your life is in chaos there are several factors to consider, particularly if you possess psychic (mediumship) abilities. Most people who are psychic are empathic (clairsentient), which means that they feel their personal emotions and sometimes those of others to such […]

Archangel Daniel Kindness 2011

Archangel Daniel. On 13th March 2011 after a very bad night filled with nightmares, I woke up with the following song from the Sound of Music on my mind and it was quite loud!  It was ‘The Lonely Goatherd’ which cheered me up and took me straight back to my childhood as the Sound of […]

Archangel Zé Vision 2021

In the early part of 2021, I was sitting at my desk working from home when I had a vision of Archangel Zé in the ethereal sense. He just popped up where he knew I would see him which was right next to my desk! When I have these visions they can often be larger […]

Message from Star Angel Tòc

Message from Star Angel Tòc. This afternoon while I was working on my laptop Star Angel Tòc appeared before me telepathically playing the violin. Then I heard what he was playing and it was ‘Variations Part 1’ by Julian Lloyd Webber.  I have loved this piece of music since I first discovered it several decades […]