Archangel Kalim is one of the highest ranking angels in the Universe.  Kalim is 34 Earth years in appearance, 6’2″ tall with blue eyes and long straight blonde hair worn tied back in a ponytail.  Kalim is usually seen wearing an orange color shirt and white jeans.  Kalim is from the Sanctuary of Qária however he is not from the Universe originally.  Kalim’s origins are sacred.

Kalim is an extraordinary human being who believes that when there is tranquility of the mind there is healing of the soul. Kalim has an abundance of love that he shares with all his fellow angels for the benefit of Humankind. Kalim is the creator of several transcendental meditation techniques used around the Universe today some of which have been adopted here on Earth.

Kalim is a philosopher and loves to read about ancient philosophies and their ramifications.  When he is not meditating in order to relax Kalim loves to write poetry or play the guitar.

Kalim is an integral part of our planet’s ‘Transition to Enlightenment’ and will be working with Archangel ÁriaArchangel David, and Archangel Kàm.

Reference: Árian Angels

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