The Zodiac Angels are ancient groups of star people who live in multiple dimensions of the Universe. Each of these groups represent the original constellations of our solar system and their juxtaposition to other stars.

Star people have physical forms however they are not classified as humans nor do they look anything like them.  However they are classified as Angels because of the critical and hazardous work that they do.

They are highly intelligent beings who spend their time observing and tracking the ever changing star formations that surround them and then documenting them for posterity.

There are currently thirteen groups of Zodiac Angels in our solar system and they are as follows:

The Aquarians (Aquarius)

The Arieans (Aries)

The Cancerians (Cancer)

The Capricornians (Capricorn)

The Geminians (Gemini)

The Leonians (Leo)

The Librans (Libra)

The Ophiuchans (Ophiuchus)

The Pisceans (Pisces)

The Sagittarians (Sagittarius)

The Scorpions (Scorpios)

The Taureans (Taurus)

The Virgoans (Virgo)

The Zodiac Angels and their ancient history will be written about in greater detail on a future website about the lesser known elements of the Universe of which there are many.

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