The Lariat Angels are a gentle species who live on a beautiful huge planet called Laratien situated in the outer regions of the Universe.

The Lariat Angels have a very unusual appearance indeed! They are very tall with an average height of 16 ft. They have silvery complexions with distinctive markings, jet black hair, striking facial features with large exotic eyes of multiple colors and cat-like ears. They love to wear long ornate robes, decorative sandals and beautiful hair adornments.

The Lariat Angels’ lifestyle is rather unique to say the least! First off they live in what can best be described as floating ‘villas’ surrounded by beautiful veils of mist of various colors. The Lariat Angels have no monetary system and live off the land that they cultivate year round. They are completely self-sufficient!

Laratien has a temperate climate all year round however the planet does experience extreme weather patterns that defy logic because of their strange formations. The planet has no rain or snow, instead it has seasonal tornadic activity that literally picks up small space debris as it spirals across the planet and scatters it all over the place! That said Laratien does have some beautiful seasons when exotic flowers and other vegetation grow so tall, they can be seen from space!

The Lariat Angels are known throughout the Universe for their formidable accomplishments in the field of metaphysics and for their many contributions to the evolution of Humanity.

The Lariat Angels are assigned to this planet to provide support and guidance to all involved in our planet’s ‘Transition to Enlightenment’.

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