2007 THE OBAMA ERA:  In 2008 during the final stages of the election process, I started paying attention to Barack Obama. After I had watched a few of his speeches on the campaign trail I thought to myself ‘this man will send mixed messages to the world’. Then, three days prior to the election date I woke up every day at 1:00 AM with a bad headache and nausea. On election day right after the Presidential race was called for Barack Obama I saw the word ‘CON’ that appeared metaphysically on my TV screen.

On inauguration day while Barack and Michelle Obama walked down Pennsylvania Avenue I found myself saying out loud ‘I feel sorry for their children’. After I said that I was asked by one of my Angels why would I think that to which I responded ‘I don’t know’. After that I had several visions of Barack Obama sitting at a picnic table right in front of me.  He appeared to be deep in thought.  Some time later the visions started to change.  I still saw him at the picnic table however he kept glancing backwards as if to check if anyone was watching him. When Barack Obama was reelected in 2012, I started seeing the picnic table visions again and they came frequently.  However this time he seemed more agitated. In 2013 I saw the arrival of ISIS in a vision that superimposed my TV screen.  I saw them as large black ants scurrying far and wide from the Middle East.  While I was not frightened by what I was shown I knew this was a very dangerous group of terrorists.  I also had visions of ISIS at the White House.

2015 THE TRUMP ERA:  I always hated elections in the UK with all the bickering between political parties.  However, I never realized how long and convoluted the American election process was until I decided to follow it. One day one of my angels said ‘we are building a new country Cynthia, to be run like a business’.  Then I said how nice it would be if someone could enter the Presidential race and ‘ruffle feathers’.  I did not care which side of the aisle this person came from.   Not too long thereafter I was working on updating my website when I discovered a new way of editing it.  Unexpectedly the word ‘wow’ popped into my mind.  Back then I never used the word.  I had the news on in the background and there were problems with some illegal immigrants trying to cross the Texas border from Mexico.  I was fed up because I had to go through a lengthy process in order to secure my Green Card.  Then I walked over to the TV and said what we need is the bloody Great Wall of China along the border’.

It was a complete shock to me when Donald Trump announced his intention to run for President.  I must point out that I was not a big fan of his at the time.  I watched a season or two of The Apprentice and really enjoyed them but that is all.  I decided to keep an open mind and listened to what he had to say.  After he made his announcement I have to admit I was curious. When Donald Trump had his first rally I do not believe he anticipated the large crowd waiting for him.  As soon as he came on stage his first words were ‘wow, wow’.  Then he talked about all the changes his wished to make and why.  Among them was the need for a wall on the southern border.  Then he said China has the Great Wall and that is what this country needs, a border wall to prevent illegal immigration.  I was glad to hear this as I had to go through the proper process to get my Green Card when I first came to America.  I asked my angels if any one person could deliver all that they promise while campaigning and the answer I got was ‘yes, with the right person in place’.

I had a record number of visions about Donald Trump.  I saw him ‘draining the swamp’ in a very large color vision of Donald Trump walking out of a swamp wearing his blue suit and red tie and his suit was completely clean.  I also knew we would not be attacked by missiles of any kind because I had a vivid color vision of Donald Trump standing over the map of the USA holding one missile in his right hand and another in his left hand, meaning he would prevent them from happening.

2021 THE BIDEN ERA: During the Biden era I was bombarded with visions.  Oddly enough nothing about him but incidents that were to take place while he was in office.  The border crisis was one of them.  I knew that he would not be living in the White House. All other visions that I had since 2021 were random. I had visions about the Supreme Court of the USA in particular the arrest of Chief Justice John Roberts, the White House and ISIS, the Pope and the Vatican, the state of California and the United Kingdom.

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